The Bubble-Hand Controllers are a type of rectangular gloves created by Cassidy that control a set of robotic bubble hands. They were created by Cassidy in order to blend in with Bubble People since she was a Stick Person.


From far away, the Bubble-Hand Controllers look like gray rectangular gloves with bubble hands floating a little bit away from there. On closer inspection, the gloves have a blue box in the middle and two yellow stripes near the sides of the glove. The gloves also have a very small antennae on the top of them which controls the bubble hands.


The gloves were only used by Cassidy and were one of her more simple projects. The outside of the actual glove part is made of pure metal, but the inside is very comfy. The gloves create a gravity field which allows the bubble hands to hover a little bit away from the gloves at all times and move when the gloves move. There is a sensor inside the glove which detects when someone is trying to do something complicated with their hands, like picking something up, and sends signals to the bubble hands to do the same thing. If the bubble hands are too far away then they can't be controlled by the gloves.