Bubbletopia is a planet in the Most Important Galaxy and is the closest planet relative to Comic World. Bubblians were the only species that lived on Bubbletopia until Bob kicked the Bubble Bomb into Space and it landed on Bubbletopia and instantly destroyed everyone. Now it is a completely deserted planet.


Bubbletopia looks like a giant purple bubble wand. In the middle of the wand there used to be the Soapy Sea which took up about half of the planet size. After the Bubble Bomb incident, the sea is no more.


The planet used to be seperated into two main continents, Wand World and Soapy Sea. Most Bubblians lived on Wand World while only a portion lived in the Soapy Sea. There are no countries, states, or cities on Bubbletopia because the Bubblians lived peacefully without those types of societies, and because Bubbletopia was only mentioned once in Book 1 as a funny moment, it is probably never going to be mentioned again, and Real Life Joshua is suffering from Lemonettes Disease.


The Era of New Beginnings

In reality, Bubbletopia came into being instantly after The Bootin'. However, Bubblians didn't appear on Bubbletopia until a few thousand years after that and so legends developed about how the planet came to be. The leading theory of the world's creation is that at the beginning of everything there was a god and a goddess who had a child. A problem arose, which is that the god and goddess were terrible parents and they both knew this. They tried passing off their kid to grandmammy goddess, the god's mother, but she wouldn't take her. The god and goddess had to figure out some way to make their child raise herself, so they made her a bubble wand and gave it to her. The child was pleased. Then the child was so distracted by the wand that she fell of a cliff and died. It is said that the bubble wand is Bubbletopia and the blood she spilled from the fall is Space. They don't know how the other planets got there, though.

The Era of Great Promise!

Introduction Arc

Bubbletopia hadn't changed at all since Bubblians started living on it in The Era of New Beginnings. Then, in Book 1, the Bubble Bomb fell on Bubbletopia and destroyed the entire Bubblian Race, leaving the planet deserted.