A Penguin is a non-magical species that came into existence during The Era of Gray. While they are seemingly simple creatures, they are actually quite intelligent with the ability to talk, learn, and form governments.


All penguins usually look the same when it comes to their bodies. They are pretty short with chubby bodies, two wings, a beak, and two feet.

Besides those characteristics, penguins can be a variety of different colors for each part of their body. Usually these colors have specific meanings to penguins in society.


Penguins are a very family and group-oriented species. They will stick together and do things together whenever they can for the benefit of the whole group. Penguins who prefer to be alone or are alone by outside circumstances are usually considered outcasts and won't be welcomed back into any group for the rest of their lives.

While their wings are very short, penguins do actually have the ability to fly. However, flying is very, very difficult for penguins and usually involves thousands of hours of flapping their wings as hard as they can. Those that do figure out the secrets to flying are usually considered elite penguins and become heads of the groups they belong to.

Penguins can be a variety of different colors, and each of these colors correspond to a different word or meaning. These colors usually dictate the role the penguin will serve in the society of their group. Below is a list of different colors and their meanings to penguins:

  • Green: Gifted
  • Yellow: Ahead
  • Space: Sickly
  • Red: Justice
  • Black: Time
  • Blood Purple: Leader
  • Pink: Pirate
  • Sunflower: Bubbly
  • Blue: Helpful
  • Gray: Spirit
  • Road-Killed Concrete: Explosive
  • Orange: Trepidation
  • Hippo: Tired
  • White: Bad
  • Bruised Apricot: Lucky
  • Indifferent Snowman On The Subject Of Favorite Fruit: Rude


The Era of Gray

When the era started penguins were one of a few species that came into existence. Scared of their newfound existence and the almost emptiness of The Gray, they stayed together in groups in order to survive. Soon they built their own culture and government in one little corner of The Gray. They mostly kept to themselves other than some occasions where they traded with other societies.

When the era came to an end and the ComicVerse was reborn, it is unknown what happened to penguins. It's possible they went completely extinct or the surviving ones collected on a planet or a few planets.