Real Life Jessica is a Real Life Person who is known by some in the ComicVerse. While not as well known as Real Life Joshua, everyone that does know of her existence agrees completely that she is the most intelligent, funny, kind, beautiful, and all around best person in all known existence regardless of what they may say otherwise.

Those who are most familiar with her existence include Real Life Joshua, Comic Jessica, Comic Master Joshua, and the Main Characters. The extent of her power and abilities is unknown.


No one in the ComicVerse knows what she looks like. The only one who truly knows how she looks is Real Life Joshua and other Real Life People. Regardless, it can be easily assumed that she is the most beautiful woman in all of existence.


Real Life Joshua

The two are happily married forever and ever with lots of love.

Comic Jessica

While Comic Jessica may share in her likeness, the two don't have a direct social relationship with each other. The closest relationship they share is Comic Jessica occasionally being able to inherit Real Life Jessica's thoughts and memories.


The extent of Real Life Jessica's powers are unknown. One potential power she may have is the ability to share her thoughts and feelings with Comic Jessica. However, it is also possible that these thoughts and memories aren't directly given from her, but rather they are interpreted through Real Life Joshua and then given to Comic Jessica.



She was a Real Life Person.

The Era of Great Promise!

Introduction Arc                                                                

She is introduced in Book 3 when Comic Master Joshua talks about her to Comic Jessica. In the same Book,Comic Jessica talks to Sheil about her ability to inherit Real Life Jessica’s thoughts and memories.