Rex Adrian Ballicast is a Fuubie who lives in Comica City, Comica and works late night shifts at the Tropical Wasteland Bar as a Bartender. He grew up in Ieyida underneath Comic World, but moved away as an adult for unknown reasons.


Rex has red skin and light blue eyes with a few scars around both his eyes and along his cheeks. He has two stubby arms and two really long stubby legs. He has a brown, spiky mohawk and a brown mustache. He has two really small pink wings and some sort of white tattoo along the side of his back. He wears dark blue jeans with a brown belt and a tank top with the phrase, "Fuck ASS" on the front.


Not much is known about Rex's personality outside his job at the Tropical Wasteland Bar.

While working at the Tropical Wasteland Bar, if there's no one to bartend he often just keeps to himself and focuses on his work including restocking shelves, cleaning glasses, sweeping and mopping his area, and doing inventory.

If he does have to deal with customers, mostly Tiroge, people tend to think of him as a really great bartender. He lets people tell their stories and he genuinely listens and comments here and there. He always responds if someone asks him a question. He doesn't say that much, but he cares about the people he talks with.



Rex often listens to the stories that Tiroge tells him about his life, relationships, and adventures. He cares about Tiroge and wishes that things will look up for him in the future. He doesn't seem to care that Tiroge drinks, but he does restrict him from drinking the really strong drinks because he cares about him.


The Era of Great Promise!


Rex grew up in Ieyida and moved to Comica City, Comica when he was an adult and started working at the Tropical Wasteland Bar. Soon, Tiroge started coming to the bar and Rex started to see him more.

Not much is known about Rex while he was growing up.

Introduction Arc

In Book 1, Rex listened as Tiroge told him about his adventures with The Witch.

In Book 5, Rex listened as Tiroge told him about his visit to Lucy's house.