Samuel III or Samuel the Third is a Comican who lives in Comica City, Comica. He typically takes many jobs involving customer service. He prides himself in his ability to connect with customers and make a difference in their days just through his positive attitude.


Generally Samuel is seen wearing work outfits for the various jobs he ends up working at. He consistently wears glasses and a classic white server cap. He also has three pimples formed in the shape of a triangle on both sides of his face.


Samuel likes to talk people and help them out as best as he can. He is also fine with just small talk, but he likes getting into complicated subjects like the state of the economy, the intricacies of space travel, and the consistencies of toothpaste and why they matter.

Samuel loves working with customers and takes on many jobs to be around customers as he can. He doesn't care much for money, but he likes the interactions he can have with people at the jobs he has.

While he loves work, he doesn't stay at one particular job for too long before he quits and moves on to another one. He likes the experiences of work in many different places, and staying at one job for too long gives him anxiety that he can't deal with.


Samuel II

Samuel always loved his father Samuel II. His father worked as a server at the Radical Diner, which eventually closed down. That was the only job his father had and he loved it. Samuel always heard from his father about the greatness of working for the people and making sure they were happy. He was always mystified by how great a worker his father was whenever he saw him working on Bring Your Child to Work Day. Samuel hoped he would one day be just as great as his father.

When Samuel had become an adult and already moved out from his fathers, there was a telephone call one day. It was from the Radical Diner calling to say that his father had been shot by a robber. Samuel rushed to the hospital, but by the time he had got there his father was already dead. Samuel kept his father's server hat and wore it every day from that day on. Samuel will always miss his father, but he believes that his father would be proud of how he turned out.


Samuel never knew his mother because she had abandoned him when he was a baby. Samuel still holds a grudge against her for that.