The Star Sword is a one-handed weapon wielded primarily by Tiroge throughout CWC. It is named for its signature pommel and guard which are designed as stars. The blade itself is half black and half white.

It is unknown how powerful the sword is or the abilities it has.


The Star Sword is primarily used by Tiroge, even though he is usually too physically weak to wield the sword properly. Even though it is a one-handed weapon, Tiroge usually has to use two hands to even hold it up.

It is believed the Star Sword was used by Tiroge's father before he passed it down to Tiroge and disappeared.


It is unknown what the powers of the Star Sword are.


The Star Sword is a sword with a star-shaped guard and a smaller star-shaped pommel. In the middle of both stars is a black sphere. It has a very nice slip-resistant red grip along its blue handle. The blade itself is pretty big and is half-white and half-black in color.