The Greatest Space Museum EVAR! is a space museum founded by Comic Master Joshua in Comica City, Comica during The Era of Great Promise!

The museum holds many relics relating to space and space travel including the GoNut ship, the Wormhole Hub, and others. The museum also holds the record for the highest ceiling.


Comic Master Joshua was searching for ideas in order to increase interest and tourism in Comica City because the city's economy wasn't the greatest at the time. He eventually came up with the idea of creating a space museum because he thought tourists love museums and space is awesome. He funded the project using a combination of taxes and his own personal fund.

The museum eventually opened to the public and occasionally receives guests.


While the building looks very big, it is only actually one level. The reason for the building's height is because it holds the record for the highest ceiling.

The museum consists of a collection of space and space-travel related relics which guests can look at. There is also a small theater that displays space-related shows and documentaries which guests can pay extra to see.


When the museum was first being announced there was a good amount of anticipation for it to open because Comica City only had one other museum.

After it opened, reviews for the theater were pretty lackluster. Many people had a problem with entrance to the museum being way too expensive. Even those who could afford it weren't that impressed by the amount of things to look at. When it first opened the museum only had the GoNut ship, the Wormhole Hub, and the theater even though it was promised to have a lot more attractions.

Another incident which decreased sales included an anonymous review posted on a website about how because of the museum the person posting the review and their friend were abducted and tortured by aliens until they escaped and made it back to Comic World. There was also a part of the review which mentioned how annoying their selection of packages to get in the museum were. Comic Master Joshua has gone on record to refute these claims, saying that the reviewer was "just a big baby."